Solutions to common problems

This page contains solutions to common issues. If this page doesn't help you, join our Discord server to report an issue or to ask for help.

Kariari won't respond to my commands!

To respond to commands, Kariari requires the following permissions in the channel you are sending the commands:

  • Read messages

  • Send messages

  • Use embeds

Without these three permissions, Kariari can't respond to you at all. Kariari also has other recommended permissions which can be seen in the FAQ.

When I try to start a session, I am told I need the "KariariMaster" role.

Kariari uses a role to figure out who has permission to start, stop, or manage a queue. Kariari checks whether a member has the role based on the name of the role. By default, the role Kariari looks for is a role named "KariariMaster" (not case sensitive). You can customize the role which Kariari looks for by using the ;setup command or by using the ;options command. To change the role using the ;options command, type ;options guild role followed by the name of your desired role. The ;setup command provides prompts to help you set your guild up for Kariari. If you need help creating roles, check out this Discord article. If you need help managing roles, check out Role Management 101. For help getting started with Kariari or customizing Kariari, check out these pages:

I am told I am being rate limited.

Currently, the ;setup command is the only command with a noticeable rate limit. When using the ;setup command, you can only run the command once every few minutes. Since the ;setup command uses questions you answer, it must wait for you to answer each question. The bot gives you a few minutes to answer each question before ending the sequence. If you try to run the ;setup command during this time, you will be told you are being rate limited. If you are seeing this error, wait a few minutes before trying the ;setup command again. If you continue to receive this error for seemingly no reason, join our Discord server for help.

The bot isn't doing anything!

There is always the possibility that Kariari or a service Kariari uses has experienced a fatal error. If the bot doesn't come back online within a few minutes, please report the issue on our Discord server.Discord Bots

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